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Taster Session


Advanced Hypnotherapy involved the use of specialised and highly effective scientific techniques that produce guaranteed solutions.

Personalized recording


Personalized recording  to ELIMINATE your problem or INTRODUCE new habit.

This package includes:

  1. free 20 minutes consultation via skype to get to know your problem as well of what result you want to achieve
  2. my recorded hypnotic induction to help you relax
  3. suggestions and metaphors designed for your unconscious mind to make a change
  4. recording will be done on the Iphone with the background of binaural beats to make even more impact on your unconscious and will be appx 35 minutes long

Hypnotherapy For Confidence


Hypnosis can help you boost your self esteem! 3 sessions of Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy will allow you to relax very deeply and connect with the core truth about you.

Hypnotherapy For Learning Block


Hypnosis is the most wonderful and powerful way to get help with learning. No matter what you want to learn, no matter what stage you are at, you can learn faster, more easily, and more effectively with

Hypnotherapy For Phobias


According to the American Psychiatric Association, a phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. In most cases, the phobia involves a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm.

Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy for weight loss is an effective tool to let you achieve, and sustain, the ideal weight for your body. Our attitude to eating is seldom entirely rational.